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Join Us for Kids Heart Challenge Week at Blessed Trinity Catholic School!

Dear Blessed Trinity Catholic School Families,

We are excited to announce that from April 8th to April 11th, we will be hosting Kids Heart Challenge Week at our school! This event is part of a nationwide initiative held at schools across the country, delivering heart-healthy physical activity through service learning for the American Heart Association 💗

Kids Heart Challenge Week is not only a fun and engaging way for our students to stay active and learn about heart health, but it's also an opportunity for our entire school community to come together in support of a great cause.

During this special week, our students will be participating in various activities and challenges aimed at promoting heart health and wellness. From jump rope competitions to fun exercises, there will be plenty of opportunities for our students to get moving and learn about the importance of taking care of their hearts.

We are thrilled to invite all parents to participate in their child’s Physical Education (P.E.) class during Kids Heart Challenge Week. Join us in the gymnasium to cheer on our students as they engage in heart-healthy activities and show their support for the American Heart Association.

By participating in Kids Heart Challenge Week, we are not only encouraging physical activity and wellness among our students but also teaching them the value of giving back to others in need. Through service learning, our students will learn about empathy, compassion, and the importance of helping those in our community who may be affected by heart-related issues.

💗We encourage parents to mark their calendars and join us for Kids Heart Challenge Week 💗. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of others while promoting health and wellness in our school community.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at Kids Heart Challenge Week!

Warm regards,

Blessed Trinity Catholic School

Kids Heart Challenge at Blessed Trinity Catholic School

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